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Creating a distinctive, engaging, and attractive beverage display

Design an elegant, attention-grabbing display for your offerings by adding our state-of-the-art beverage dispensers. When your customers see this presentation, they are naturally more curios about the beverages being offered by the system. They ask questions. They’re intrigued. They want to try it.

Using our innovative dispensers also shows your customers that you care about your beverages and the manner in which they are being served.

Showcase your beverages, generate curiosity, and drive more sales.


Our intelligent beverage dispensing systems allow you to elevate and enhance customer experiences by providing superior offerings, peak quality, and faster service.

Offer the best to your customers

Because you will no longer need to worry about spoilage or overpours, it will make economic sense for you to offer premium beverages to your customers. Offer the best wines by the glass without worrying about whether you’ll sell a full bottle. Pour top-shelf whiskies without watching profits disappear into over pours. Sell premium beers without watching it go up in foam. Because you’ve eliminated waste, you can offer your best beverages to your customers, which means bigger profits for you and better experiences for them.

Impress your customers with your premium offerings, quality control, and fast service.

Ensure peak quality

Oxidized wines become a thing of the past. Skimpy pours never happen. Foamy beers go away. Temperatures are always perfect. Your customers will receive what they want delivered at peak quality.

Speed Up Service

Our intelligent beverage systems make it easy for anyone to pour wines by the glass, premium spirits, and tap beverages without concerns about spoilage, quality, or amount. This means your servers can handle wine, spirits, and beer pours without the need for the bartender. You can eliminate the bar bottleneck, getting beverages to your servers faster and freeing your bartender to focus on what they do best: cocktails. Servers don’t have to wait on bartenders, your customers don’t have to wait on your staff, and everyone gets the best experience possible.


While eliminating losses, Napa Technology’s total beverage dispensing solution simultaneously increases sales by:

Ensuring top quality of every beverage served

Enabling a more expensive, more varied, & more exciting WBTG program

Creating a distinctive, engaging, and attractive beverage display

Ensure top quality of every beverage served

The quality of your beverage offerings should complement the quality of the food you offer, after all, they are experienced together. As a result, it’s imperative that restaurants serve beverages of the highest quality.

Serve your beverages at the perfect temperature, without oxidation, contamination, or any other degradation with the help of Napa Technology’s intelligent dispensing solutions.

Ensure that every beverage is served at peak quality, every time a customer orders it.

What wine bars need in 2021

Enable a more upscale, more varied and more exciting WBTG program.

Your wine by the glass program is vital to the success of your restaurant.
An impressive and exciting WBTG program will pay big dividends:
Guests will have a much more favorable dining experience and overall opinion of the restaurant, which means more repeat visits and better reviews.

More Premium Wines

Profit from higher priced options you could never consider offering without a preservation system. You can now monetise high-end bottles over a long period of time, generating more sales.

Plus, customers are willing to spend more money when they know the wines are being preserved properly. With the WineStation your guests will now order more premium wines with confidence that they will be receiving the quality they are paying for.

Dynamic & Creative Wine List

Offering unique and unusual wines and regions is something many restaurants would like to do, but it is just too risky without a proper preservation system as these wines may take more time to sell through the bottle before it oxidizes.

With the WineStation, you are now free to be creative, try new things and keep your wine list dynamic, including pairings with weekly food specials.

Organic & Natural Wines

Without the added sulfites that “regular” wine has, Organic and natural wines tend to oxidize more rapidly after opening.

With the preservation capabilities of the WineStation you will never have to worry about this.

Turn your WBTG program into a true asset for your restaurant, generating more revenue and better guest experiences.


Now more than ever, restaurants face significant challenges with staffing. Napa Technology takes staffing issues off your plate by reducing staff training, simplifying your staff’s jobs, and reducing your overall staffing needs.

Reduce Staff Training

Perfect pours are easy with Napa Technology’s intelligent beverage dispensing systems. Staff need only grab a glass and press a button: the system takes care of everything else, including temperature, quantity, and preservation. It’s literally easier than learning to use a corkscrew!

Simplify Your Staff’s Jobs

Your servers can focus on getting drinks to tables quickly. Your bartenders can focus on crafting cocktails. New bottles are opened and used more quickly. End of shift cleanup is easier. Your whole team will work more cleanly and cooperatively as the whole process is streamlined.

Reduce Your Staffing Needs

You’ll always need servers and bartenders. But with an intelligent beverage dispensing system, you may not need as many. With simplified job duties and streamlined work, this means that your individual employees can be more effective and your overall staffing needs can be reduced.

With simpler jobs, less training, and a lower staffing need, you’ll be making your life easier by making your staff’s lives easier.


Even the best run restaurants experience substantial loss with their beverage programs due to the triple threat of Spoilage, Over-Pouring, and Staff Giveaways.

Eliminate Spoilage With Preservation

One of the biggest challenges for restaurants WBTG Program (Wine by the Glass) is selling wines quickly enough after opening and before they oxidize

Using a vacuum pump after each time you pour a glass will give you a day or two extra, but that’s about it; and is often forgotten or neglected by staff on a regular basis. 

Consequently, many restaurants have to limit the size of their WBTG program and/or limit the selection to less expensive (and quality) wines because they know they will have to pour a lot down the drain (or use for cooking) when they don’t sell through quickly enough before oxidization starts. 

With 60 Days of Preservation from the WineStation, you will never pour wines (and profits) down the drain again.

Stop sending your good wine to the kitchen because it didn’t sell before it started to turn.


Fully oxidized wines are obvious and an embarrassment. Most restaurants are at least competent enough to prevent this. 

But often overlooked even by the “good places” are partially-oxidized wines. These may not be as obvious to staff and therefore often served, but they are still highly detrimental to restaurants’ success. 

Take this example: A customer asks for a glass of one of the more expensive wines offered by the glass on a Monday or Tuesday. Staff obliges and opens a new bottle. Now the bottle sits for several days, slowly oxidizing, and customers don’t order it again until the weekend. 

This is a dangerous scenario: It’s not completely oxidized, so the staff doesn’t catch it and serves it. The customer doesn’t say anything because it is still somewhat drinkable. 

But it’s just bad enough that A) the customer doesn’t order a second glass when they normally would have B) it negatively affects the taste of the food being served with it, and C) the customer has a poor dining experience and doesn’t return.

Eliminate Over-Pouring With Pre-Measured Pouring

Even though small over-pours (½ oz. – 1oz.) often don’t seem like much, they add up over time and make a BIG difference to your bottom line.

With three customizable pouring options, Napa Technology makes it impossible for staff to over-pour wine, beer, or spirits.

No more “heavy-handed” staff over-pouring. Pour what you’re getting paid for.


Eliminate Staff Giveaways With Business Intelligence

With the Napa Technology system, you also receive the Napa Cloud business intelligence platform. It includes:
» Extensive customer record capture
» Customer preference tracking
» Marketing campaign tools
» Improved operating control

Keep staff accountable and always understand your beverage program with actionable business intelligence.

As part of this, you will have daily, real-time reports on staff usage tied to sales, which allows you to immediately understand the existence and scope of staff giveaways. 

Track, understand, and eliminate wastage by accounting for every ounce of beverage poured through these systems.

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