Why Builders Are Adding WineStations to Condos & Apartments

WineStation in apartment space

The addition of luxury condo and apartment amenities is being driven by three key cultural shifts.  These trends are driving the increased demand for amenity packed residential buildings.   The global pandemic spawned significant consumer behavioral changes that experts expect to continue; the democratization of technology-driven luxury home goods; and heightened awareness of what true luxury […]

Coolest Wine Amenities Increase Interest in Luxury Condominiums

One of the biggest trends in home design is smart technology.  Initially focused on energy efficiency and security, advanced technology can now be found throughout the home.  The coolest electronic wine gadgets are helping luxury condo and apartment dwellers have the same access to fine wines that they would have at a fine dining restaurant […]

The 5 Must Have Amenities for Every Residential Complex

luxury development aerial photo

In the past year everyone around the world has been spending a lot more time at home, and for the extrovert inside all of us, staying home full time has been a pretty tough adjustment. As families were reorganizing their daily lives in order to secure a stable income and safe boundaries, business owners were […]

The 12 Must-Have Features for the Perfect Man Cave

The 12 Must-Have Features for the Perfect Man Cave - NapaTechnology.com - Wine Dispensing SystemThe holiday shopping season is upon us and it’s a perfect time to buy a cool gift for the man cave. A man cave consists of entertainment, food, and lounging so there are a lot of different items you can choose from. Our team complied a list of the top 12 items every man cave [...]