The #1 Wine Dispensing System in North America

Keg Dispensing System

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As innovators of by-the-glass profitability, industry trends and continuing shifts in business formats required Napa Technology to develop solutions for operations facing more than one glass at a time challenges.


Clean-Pour Dispensing Head Technology
Designed to improve dated industry standards and provide the most effective, accurate, contamination free wine delivery system in the world.

AccuServe Smartcard Access Control
Our patented software affords the highest level of product security, access and accuracy to every pour.

Programmable Portion Control
Each operator’s definition of a taste, half and full glass pour can vary. The WineStation allows a wide range of options from .25 – 9 oz.

Fully Customizable LCD Display
Allows you to share so much more than varietal, region, and date. Utilizing the customizable LCD screens, you can share a wide range of tasting notes or menu pairings.

Sales Report by Bottle Position

The perfect (MOST PROFITABLE) pour for any business
Restaurant ⬥ Retail ⬥ Hotel ⬥ Wine Bar

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  • Eliminate over-pouring and product waste
  • Pristine 60-day wine preservation
  • Patented Clean-Pour dispensing heads keep wine fresh and allows for swift bottle changes
  • Eliminates the need for costly maintenance
  • Maximizes staff and product efficiency


  • Proprietary AccuServe Smartcard technology delivers the valuable data you need for easier product monitoring, and smarter decision-making
  • Secure and automated portion controls for staff
  • Allows for pours of higher priced or featured daily wines without product waste


  • Zero build-out design
  • Fully refrigerated, compressor-free portable unit can be installed in under an hour
  • Plug and pour and watch the profits roll in


  • Create a unique and memorable wine shopping experience
  • Precise portion and temperature controls deliver top quality product to discerning consumers

We are the only keg dispensing system

  • that provides accurate measured pours.
  • that can provide for a hybrid solution, meaning one unit can accommodate both wine bottles and keg lines.
  • that has guest self service capabilities.

Want more proof?

Marriott Marquis in San Francisco sold $30,000 in wine in 10 weeks using our keg system in their M Club lounge.

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Keg Dispensing System