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IntelliCork Champagne Preservation Head

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WAS $1999.00, NOW $899.00

Preserve Sparkling and Champagne varietals up to 5 days!


This dynamic upgrade will instantly allow any WineStation Professional the ability to perfectly preserve your sparkling and champagne varietals for up to 5 days.  Utilizing the Champagne Preservation Technology and the newly released IntelliCork Preservation Heads, your WineStation Professional has the power to enhance, extend and invigorate your sparkling wine program—immediately.

Champagne and Sparkling wine bottles will be properly charged with the single push of a button that delivers argon at the appropriate pressure maintaining any sparkling varietal’s effervescence just as the wine maker intended. This software also arrives with four (4) IntelliCork Preservation Heads that will provide you the ability to preserve four (4) bottles of any sparkling variety at a time.

IntelliCork Champagne Preservation Head

WAS $1,999.00, NOW $899.00

*Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.