Why Builders Are Adding WineStations to Condos & Apartments

WineStation in apartment space

The addition of luxury condo and apartment amenities is being driven by three key cultural shifts.  These trends are driving the increased demand for amenity packed residential buildings.   The global pandemic spawned significant consumer behavioral changes that experts expect to continue; the democratization of technology-driven luxury home goods; and heightened awareness of what true luxury […]

Thoughts on Leadership & Innovation From Napa Technology’s CEO, Nick Moezidis

Thoughts on Leadership & Innovation From Napa Technology’s CEO, Nick Moezidis

At Napa Technology, over the last fifteen years, we have designed the WineStation and the WineStation Cellar to be the most advanced preservation system on the market that is not only the world’s easiest to operate beverage dispenser, but also the world’s smoothest consumer data collection technology. Before Napa Technology, there was no industry for […]

The Modern Tech Lounge + WineStation

WineStation will blend seamlessly among the expected amenities of the sleek tech lounge.

Gone are the days where the standard “Business Center” gets passing marks from the business community. We have entered the age where expectations of the tech and amenities offered in these rooms are at an all-time high. Business patrons want to see “smart” technologies that are cutting edge and operate quicker. Thus we enter the […]

5 Easy Ways Wine Retailers Can Increase<br>Wine Sales, Right Now!

5 Easy Ways Wine Retailers Can Increase Wine Sales, Right Now! - NapaTechnology.comNapa Technology is the #1 US provider of Intelligent Wine Dispensing systems with clients that span across the retail, entertainment and hospitality industries. This far reaching presence, coupled with a commitment to ongoing research, means we can identify and provide insights on industry trends and changes in consumer behavior and consumption patterns. From this, we [...]