Why Builders Are Adding WineStations to Condos & Apartments

WineStation in apartment space

The addition of luxury condo and apartment amenities is being driven by three key cultural shifts.  These trends are driving the increased demand for amenity packed residential buildings.   The global pandemic spawned significant consumer behavioral changes that experts expect to continue; the democratization of technology-driven luxury home goods; and heightened awareness of what true luxury […]

Starting a Wine Bar Post COVID-19: You Can & You Should

wine poured into glass

The swift and unexpected spread of COVID-19 has been a devastating blow to businesses large and small. A recent study found that since the virus landed in the U.S. 43% of small business owners were forced to temporarily shut down their production while almost 2% have had to close completely due to lost revenue. It’s […]

The Genesis Preserve is on Whoopi Goldberg’s List of Favorite Things

The View dedicated an episode to Whoopi Goldberg’s 60th birthday on November 14th. In the episode, Goldberg showcases her favorite products of 2016. The Genesis Wine Preserver by Napa Technology, made a special appearance. Napa Technology’s Marketing Director, Megan Sokhn, formally introduced Goldberg to the product during the 2016 Food Network & Cooking Channel New […]

New self-serve wine bar comes to Metro

Della Viti - WineStation - NapaTechnology.com

DES MOINES, Iowa — Della Viti, a self-serve wine bar, is coming to 425 East Grand Avenue in the East Village. View this story. “If you’re into wine or if you want to start learning about wine, it’s the perfect place,” said owner Gerald “JJ” Caligiuri. Sips come in three sizes: tasting, partial glass or […]

Self-service wine dispenser helps improve productivity at F&B outlets

Integrated Solutions - NapaTechnology.com

A growing number of F&B outlets are now using the self-service WineStation. Restaurants said the technology has not only helped to improve labour efficiency but has also boosted wine sales. SINGAPORE: Do not be surprised if you are asked to dispense your wine yourself the next time you visit a restaurant – a growing number […]

Where in the World is WineStation? Everywhere!

The WineStation may not be as famous as Waldo. But certainly a little more easy to find. And with a much better end result: Great wines by the glass! First introduced by Napa Technology  in 2005, the WineStation was designed to help restaurant operators manage the growing demand for higher priced wines by the glass, […]

An Italian Getaway in the United States

When you think “Italian Getaway” Canton, Ohio certainly isn’t the first destination that jumps to mind. But settled in the hart of the Mid West you will find a true gem in Gervasi Vineyards. This vineyard offers more than just wine making.  This family owned vineyard provides wine seeking guests a complete getaway with villa […]

Avant Tapas & Wine

Avant Tapas & Wine Bar allows customers to experience a unique environment by combining the deliciousness of tapas with a variety of wines. The best part is that the WineStation addition also offers customers a hands on experience by allowing customers to choose from a variety of 52 different wines and then dispense it themselves! […]