How Wine Cellars Improve Buyer Interest in Luxury Condos

Selling a luxury property in 2021 can come with a host of decisions about how to increase value in this hot real estate market. If you’re selling, deciding on whether to have your property staged, painted, or even a full renovation, can be challenging to prioritize.  Many of the options are intimidating and rightfully so. […]

Coolest Wine Amenities Increase Interest in Luxury Condominiums

One of the biggest trends in home design is smart technology.  Initially focused on energy efficiency and security, advanced technology can now be found throughout the home.  The coolest electronic wine gadgets are helping luxury condo and apartment dwellers have the same access to fine wines that they would have at a fine dining restaurant […]

The 5 Must Have Amenities for Every Residential Complex

luxury development aerial photo

In the past year everyone around the world has been spending a lot more time at home, and for the extrovert inside all of us, staying home full time has been a pretty tough adjustment. As families were reorganizing their daily lives in order to secure a stable income and safe boundaries, business owners were […]

What the Modern Bar Needs in 2021

What wine bars need in 2021

As the whole country looks forward towards a brighter and more hopeful future, the hospitality industry continues to struggle on how to provide safe and luxurious service to all of their consumers. If people have learned anything from the past year, it’s that it will take a lot more than some hand sanitizing stations and […]

Thoughts on Leadership & Innovation From Napa Technology’s CEO, Nick Moezidis

Thoughts on Leadership & Innovation From Napa Technology’s CEO, Nick Moezidis

At Napa Technology, over the last fifteen years, we have designed the WineStation and the WineStation Cellar to be the most advanced preservation system on the market that is not only the world’s easiest to operate beverage dispenser, but also the world’s smoothest consumer data collection technology. Before Napa Technology, there was no industry for […]

The WineStation Cellar: You Can Bring the Wine Bar Home to You

winestation cellar home wine bar

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that, in 2020, living under a rock might be the safest place you could be.    The COVID-19 crisis does not have an end date at this time, and for now, that means all plans to meet at your favorite wine bar for a quick […]

Starting a Wine Bar Post COVID-19: You Can & You Should

wine poured into glass

The swift and unexpected spread of COVID-19 has been a devastating blow to businesses large and small. A recent study found that since the virus landed in the U.S. 43% of small business owners were forced to temporarily shut down their production while almost 2% have had to close completely due to lost revenue. It’s […]

We’re Open! Helpful Advice to Reopen Your Restaurant

Come In We're Open Sign Hanging From Restaurant Window

As our government and their experts continue working to flatten the curve and develop a vaccine for COVID-19, officials are also saying it’s acceptable for bars and restaurants to reopen their business for dine-in services. It’s no secret that Shelter in Place orders have made a huge impact on the restaurant industry. In March alone, […]

Not All Heroes Wear Capes, They Wear Face Shields

As the Covid19 pandemic continues to turn life as we know it upside down, many of us are asking ourselves, “What can I do to help?”   We’ve all seen the upsetting images and heard the horrific stories of hospitals across the country overflowing with new sick patients and our healthcare workers begging for more […]