North America’s #1 brand of
Intelligent Wine Dispensing Systems made in the USA.


The WineStation is more than a revenue driving tool for our wine program, but a fluid piece of technology that accelerates our operations flawlessly.”

Frank Lewis, AMC Theaters

“WineStation is the only technology available with the ability to deliver a top notch guest experience along with technologically advanced RFID and smart card integration across properties.”

Bart Hosmer, Marriott International

“Club Corp has an extremely discerning guest, many of whom are wine connoisseurs. Many of our locations serve bottles valued at over $100 by the glass, which requires the protection and management that can only be offered by the WineStation system.”

Jeff Zimmerman, Club Corp

News: A Partnership in Perfection

Cheers to an incredibly successful 2015 NRA Showcase. It was such an honor to partner with Cardinal International to unveil the newest beauty in their portfolio.

Reveal Up was a show stopper and we were excited to share this sneak peek with WineStation customers from around the globe. For more information on this extraordinary new stemware and other Cardinal International products, please click here.